Township of James/Elk Lake

Terry Fiset

Born and raised in Elk Lake, Terry has been involved in politics since his early 20's.  Terry has been Reeve of the Township of James for 36 years. 

I have been a resident of Elk Lake my whole life. Married with 1 child. 

This is my second term on Council.  I have ran for Council with hopes of seeing positive changes and growth for Elk Lake. 


I have lived in Elk Lake for the last 30 years married with 2 grown children. 

I believe that over the past terms I have been on Council I have been part of a very productive Council, keeping all residents of Elk Lake in mind during discussions and decision making. 

I have been a resident of Elk Lake since 2005.  I also own a business as a General Contractor and do snow removal.

​This is my first term on Council.



Left to right:

Gary Palmer, Terry Fiset, Janet MacDowall, Pam Cormier & Dave Mullin


I have lived and worked in Elk Lake since 1984.  I am very proud of our small vibrant community.  

I have served 2 terms as a Councillor.  It has been exciting to be part of a team working together to make our community better and stronger.