Councillor, Janet MacDowall

Councillor Gary Palmer


Councillor, Pam Cormier

I’ve lived and worked in Elk Lake since 1984.  I’m very proud of our small vibrant community.  I enjoy being part of our many functions we have here, as a volunteer and participant.  It is always nice to see so many different people having fun.

I have served two terms as a Councillor.  It has been exciting to be part of a team working together to make our community better and stronger, and I would very much like to continue this for another term.

Deputy Reeve, David L. Mullin


Hi I am Janet MacDowall.  I think most people here in Elk Lake know me as I have been on Council several terms since I moved here over 30 years ago. My husband and I have 2 children who are both grounded here in the North.  I am a registered Physiotherapist, working in New Liskeard.  Because I work in health care I believe that I have good listening and speaking skills.  I am able to communicate well my thoughts and ideas.

I believe that over the past terms I have been on Council I have been part of a very productive Council, keeping all residents of Elk Lake in mind during discussions and decision making.  I believe that our residents feel comfortable approaching me with their ideas and concerns and I have dealt with them appropriately.

Over the past years I have served as the Council representative on the Library Board and  the Temiskaming Municipal Association as well as Chair of the Civic Holiday Committee here in Elk lake.  I also serve on many committees as part of my position at the hospital, most dealing with seniors living in the community.