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Township of James (Elk Lake)

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Municipal Outlook

The municipality has a very positive outlook to economic development and growth. The community has demonstrated strong municipal leadership, support and participation in pursuing economic development. It is critical that this economic development leadership is maintained and coordinated with neighboring communities. It is imperative that people in the community are kept informed and involved in building a new economic base.

Eacom Timber Corporation

The Elk Lake Planing Mill (E.L.P.M.) has been located in Elk Lake since 1965 and is owned by Eacom Timber Corporation. The E.L.P.M. produces dimensional Spruce, Pine or Fir Lumber that has been kiln dried and planed for the construction industry. In March 2005, a fire destroyed the Elk Lake Planing Mill planer facility. The company has built a new multi-million dollar modern planer facility, with a higher production capacity than the 40 year old planer it replaced. In the past two decades of operations, the sawmill has been continuously updated with new technology. Mill personnel have visited other sawmill operations around the world to observe the latest equipment and processing machinery. The mill is thus a mixture of Canadian, Scandinavian, and American technology.

Today, the Eacom Timber Corporation - Elk Lake, employs approximately 130 people. For more information contact the mill at:

Eacom Timber Corporation
PO Box 9,
Elk Lake, ON
P0J 1G0
Tel: (705) 678-2110

Historically the Elk Lake area was a booming silver centre and today the start up of mining exploration activities on surrounding lands previously under the Temagami Land Caution could mean the beginning of long-term jobs for the Township of James. The current exploration activities in the area indicates high prospects for significant new mine development in the Elk Lake area.

Commercial and Service Sector
Elk Lake offers a variety of services and businesses to meet the needs of its local residents, industries, and the resource users of the surrounding landbase. The list below indicates some of the services available.

Types of Businesses:
Camping (Equipment & RV)
Charter Airways
Chip Stand (open year round)
Computer Consulting
Convenience Stores
Courier Service
Financial Investor
Forestry Technical Services
Hair Styling
Library Services
Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Logging Contractors
Mining Explorations
Postal Services
Real Estate
Service Station
Solar Energy
Trucking Contractors
Tourists Outfitters

Air Service
The Earlton Airport (50 kms) provides access to scheduled air passenger service as well as facilities for private charter flights. There is also a small private airstrip located in the Township of James and float planes can land on the Montreal River and transport passengers to our private docks.