Travis Fiset

Hello Elk Lakers, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my intentions.  My name is Travis Fiset and I’m running for Council.

As someone who has lived his entire life in Elk Lake, I wish to further demonstrate my commitment to this amazing community of ours by representing the townspeople, businesses and visitors to the Township of James.  I am well versed in both the challenges and success stories that are forever linked to our small community.

I aim to help establish new and innovative ideas for tourism as well as ways in which to attract new business to help our community grow and thrive.  In addition, I will work to recognize the commitment and efforts already put forth by local companies and residents.  Together, we have built a solid foundation upon which to continue to expand. 

In between working for a local family business and raising three children, I have chosen to spend my time helping out in our community.  I am currently a Captain with the Elk Lake Volunteer Fire Department and have been a part of this energetic crew for the past 10 years.  In previous years, I have also helped out with community events such as the Urban Golf Classic, Snowmobile Rally, Relay for Life, TSN Kraft Community Refresh Tour for our local ball park, annual ice fishing derby and more.  Like many others, I too enjoy helping our town and its citizens in a variety of different ways.

It is said that ‘elections are determined by the people who show up.’  That is exactly what I, Travis Fiset, hope to do now and in the future.  I am committed to ‘showing up’ for those who live in this great little town of ours and will do so through continued hard work, dedication, innovation and a willingness to listen and learn from my peers. 


Name of Candidate (in alphabetical order)

 Donaldson, Rodger

Fiset, Terry

Pritchard, Fred
Young, Jim


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  • Hospital Card or Record


Fred Pritchard
Focused on results

 I am an honest, hardworking and honorable resident of Elk Lake who cares about the township of James. I am commited to doing what is best for all who live here in the community. I would like to see more options for developement return to the Elk Lake area. I will bring New and innovative ideas to the township that I plan on using to implement positive outcomes for the residence of Elk Lake.

I am the owner and operator of Elk Lake Enterprises(1499418 Ontario Limited), and am one of the largest land owners in James Township. I am currently in a large development project, which my two children are highly invested and involved with. I am still currently involved and active within the mining industry and mineral exploration.. I have always lived here. When my parents moved here shortly after the war they raised a family of 10 children, all of whom still live here or near by. All are active, successful members of the community that are doing well and are a benefit to our town. I have worked hard as an Industrial worker and other trades my whole life to get to where I am today and achieve my level of success. I have been successful in every business I have tackled. With over 40 years in the business industry I have proven success in Corporate management with multiple companies and assests, and industrial solutions, including mining exploration and road building and maintenance management. I am involved and highly up to date on current events, political views and information,

I look forward to hearing everyones comments and concerns and how I can help to make Elk Lake Great again!!

 Fred Pritchard
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Chris Cormier

My Name is Chris Cormier, and I’m proud to say that I have lived in Elk Lake all my life. I’ve been employed at Alamos Gold Young-Davidson Mine for the past 12 years. I bought my house in town and rebuilt it in 2011. I plan to live in Elk Lake for the rest of my life. I want to run for council to make positive contributions and help improve our community. I think it’s time for the young generation to participate in our community, and I am here to be a big part of that. I’m a very outspoken person who is no stranger to getting things done and listening to new ideas.


Jim Young

How to Vote

Electors will be voting by traditional ballot

Advanced Voting Day

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Elk Lake Community Centre

10:00am - 6:00pm

Voting Day

Monday, October 24th, 2022

Elk Lake Community Centre

10:00am - 8:00pm

Michelle Fiset

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members,” Coretta Scott King (Martin Luther King’s wife) once said.

My name is Michelle Fiset and I represent an enthusiastic, younger generation who wants to see action in our community. I moved to Elk Lake a few years ago with my 2 sons who attend Elk Lake Public School. I am married to Addison Fiset who has lived in Elk Lake for all of his life. I previously worked in banking before making the move here. Currently I am the Operations Manager at the Elk Lake Eco Centre. It is important to me that I contribute to the wellbeing of the community and its businesses. I was also the President of Parent Council this past school year and a member of the Parent Involvement Committee for District School Board Ontario Northeast.

I am a firm believer in taking action to see change, and am not a stranger to the current Council of The Township of James. I am a previous employee of the Township of James Library and have advocated for its budget, hours and wages and will continue to do so. I have written letters to Council seeking extra funding for the Elk Lake Explorer, I have researched and submitted reports comparing our local library to other libraries of similar demographics which was reviewed at the Council Budget Meeting and I am currently involved in seeking more inclusive and accommodating playground equipment for our local youth. I feel that I present myself professionally and am able to express my ideas, concerns, beliefs and strategies effectively and proactively. I consider myself to be honest and transparent, motivated and an efficient problem solver.

I know that I can bring new energy, ideas, and compassion to the table. I am a believer that it is time for the next generation to have a seat on council. I am confident that with the guidance and knowledge of experienced Council members along with a new face or two, that we will create a good balance and team. The Township of James needs Councillors who are invested in our future. As the wife of a lifetime “Elk Laker”, I know that I will be living here in 50 years dealing with the long term consequences of every decision that Council makes today. We need to put projects in motion and see visible improvements. Let me represent you on the Township of James Council, and together we can build a prosperous future for generations to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact me; let me be your voice and work for you.

Michelle Fiset

Name of Candidate (in alphabetical order)

 Cormier, Chris

De Carlo, Michael

Fiset, Michelle

Fiset, Travis

MacDowall, Janet

McIntyre, Steven

Palmer, Gary

Certified List of Candidates

Candidate Profiles (alphabetical order, as listed above)

Information on this page will be updated as it becomes available.

  Hi Folks. For those of you that do not know me, my name is Jim Young.  With the persuasion of some of you good people, and after a lot of consideration on the issue, I have decided to put my name forward to run for Reeve of this great township.  The position will not be new to me as I have held a seat on council and have also been a Reeve in the past until a work relocation took me to St. Catharines, Ontario.  My family and I love the Town of Elk Lake, and for me, it is time to give back.

   I have strong problem solving and leadership skills as well as being known for being honest;  I have used these traits successfully throughout my life. My professional career was with the Ministry of Transportation for 34 years, seventeen of those in head office as a Maintenance Operations Officer until my retirement.  This found me putting together and maintaining tenders, as well as training staff across the province. I have worked successfully with many other government agencies, and have never been afraid to ask the tough questions.

   In my spare time, I was a baseball coach for 20 years, carded umpire for 15, received the highest honor in Scouting, and the list goes on. Decisions are not made by me until I have looked at all of the facts from both sides,  and only then will I determine a course of action that is equal and fair to all. 

  As we head into this municipal election, I look forward to meeting you, and having the opportunity to speak to you.   Just in case you want to talk sooner, please feel free to give me a call and I would be glad to drop by and say hello.  Thank you for your consideration.

Be Safe
Jim Young

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Rodger Donaldson

My name is Rodger Donaldson, and I am running for Reeve.  Seven years ago my wife and I bought Elk Lake Wilderness Resort (formerly Elk Cabins), which had been foreclosed on, and built it into a successful business.  We sold the resort this spring, but we have stayed in Elk Lake because we love the community.

The residents of Elk Lake have one thing in common, and that is pride in our town.  I share that pride, because Elk Lake offers a lifestyle that is hard to beat.  We have a beautiful landscape, exceptional school, library and community centre, and successful businesses.  On top of that, there a wealth of knowledge and passion from volunteers that can and should be accessed, whether from original residents or newcomers.

There is so much potential in this great town, and I want to build on the foundation that has been established by past council.  Make no mistake, though, some changes should happen so that all citizens of Elk Lake can have a say in what the town will become.  TRUE transparency, timely communication with residents, and innovative ideas are key to a successful future for our town. Economic Development is vital, and I want to work with council to create an environment where residents and businesses can thrive.  I want to expand on recreation activities so that all families in Elk Lake can be involved, no matter our ages or interests.  I want to seek out new revenue streams so we can fund new and better services.

If elected, I make a promise that I will hold myself and town council to the highest standard of integrity, honesty and fairness.  I will actively listen to the ideas and concerns of the residents of Elk Lake and communicate with them quickly and clearly. 

Being a Reeve is not about power; it’s about listening, guiding, leading, and advocating for our town in a fair and balanced way.

A little about me; I grew up in a small town much like Elk Lake.  I volunteered in that town for the Agricultural Society and sat on the Fair Board for 15 years.  I was a volunteer firefighter in Binbrook for 36 years.  I have coached minor hockey.  I was employed as a firefighter for 16 years and was promoted to the Fire Chief of the Hamilton International Airport for 5 years.  Finally, I proudly built and successfully operated three businesses. 

I will be visiting all of you personally to listen to concerns and ideas, and to answer any questions, and I look forward to the Meet the Candidates Night.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call me at (905)978-0208. 

Janet MacDowall

I am presently a Councillor for the Township of James and hold the Position of Deputy Reeve.  I have been on Council for several terms, the first was in 1991.  Since I have resided here I have been involved with many groups and organizations; previously with the Elk Lake Civic Holiday Committee, Elk Lake Eco Resource Centre Board, as the Council representative on the Township of James Library Board, and the Elk Lake Public School Parent Council – as a parent representative and now as a Community representative. Presently, the South Temiskaming Community Futures Development Board, the Temiskaming Elder Abuse Task Force, and I serve as the Council representative on the Temiskaming Municipal Association. This list indicates my varied interest of different aspects which affect Elk Lake.

I have resided in Elk Lake since 1984 after meeting my husband and raised our 2 children who were both encouraged to be involved in all the activities that this Community provided.

I have represented the residents of Elk Lake honestly and have followed through with concerns that members of our community have.  If successful in being reelected on October 24th, I will continue this trajectory.

The Township of James is a wonderful community and has potential to continue to grow and provide for its residents.

Michael De Carlo

  • Full time resident of Elk Lake
  • Married to Suzanne Boudreault for 46 years
  • Retired Mining Engineer
  • 3 children and 2 grandchildren
  • Avid outdoorsman and very appreciative of the lifestyle and environment Elk Lake provides
  • Former member of Canadian Rangers, Newfoundland Ground Search and Rescue and Agnico – Eagle Mine Rescue Team

Steve McIntyre

A little glimpse of me:

     I have been a  worker in general industry, a published writer, an established businessman, a CEO and I have an extensive background in business operations, legalities, security and risk mitigation.  I have coached children's sports for over 18 years, been a volunteer firefighter for 20 years and sat on many community event boards where I  have strategized and budgeted with some of the very best in thier field. I  have been successful in my work and endeavors,  but no more so than any other person in our great community.
 Why I am running:

       I want to start by saying thank you for this great opportunity. The history of Elk Lake is rich with stories of prosperity, jobs and a thriving event filled calendar. Listening to the stories of the arcade, fishing derby, city golf and so much more has driven me to want to restore that enthusiasm and create a unified Community minded feel again.

       I am aware of the challenges of higher food costs, gas prices, rent, medications and the list of obsticles that are affecting everyone in our Township one way or the other. With that in mind, I would like to look at creating local jobs, inviting businesses into our community, looking at our tax structure, open public meetings, tax fund allocation updates, 
ensure that you will see that money spent is money saved, providing affordable events for everyone to enjoy; all without compromising the uniqueness of our small town. With that said,  here is what I offer and that I feel is important:

      I will always tell you the truth whether it's good or bad. I will always accept responsibility and accountability for my vote or actions. I will be transparent and I will not take for granted your trust that you place in your town council and I guarantee you and everyone who brings business or concerns before the council that you will be treated with dignity, respect, empathy, inclusion and compassion. 

     In the near future, I will be coming door to door; not to tell you what you need but to ask you what you want. With this input I will work towards a game plan for the up and coming years on council and ensure that your needs are not forgotten or put aside. I want to continue  to make you proud of this amazing Township.

Should you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas that you would like to talk about; please feel free to contact me at 905-295-0008.

Steve McIntyre

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  • are a Canadian citizen,
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