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Fire Protection

Fire protection in Elk Lake is provided by a crew of eighteen dedicated volunteers,

who continue to give significant amounts of their time for on-going training and

practice. The department has purchased new equipment in the last year resulting

in greater safety levels for firefighters in high risk circumstances, greater

participation in regular department meetings, improved communications with the

water treatment plant in times of emergency increases on the water demand and

better turnout on fire calls. Training carried out in recent years has resulted in

improved response times and a much greater level of preparedness upon arrival

at the scene of a call. All volunteers are fully equipped to current safety standards

for municipal firefighters.

The department has two fire trucks, which will help them provide back up to other

departments in the area without jeopardizing protection in Elk Lake. The other

departments in the area also provide backup if a fire occurs that is too large for

our department to handle on its own.