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Township of James (Elk Lake)

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Elk Lake offers beautiful scenery at all times of the year.  The population is approximately 500 residents. 

The town offers 'great outdoors' adventures for residents and visitors alike.  Recreational opportunities are limitless.  Hiking, skiing, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling are activities available in abundance.

Visitors quickly note a dynamic community and the high level of volunteerism. 

The residents of Elk Lake and their municipal leaders go to great lengths to ensure that the quality of life, so valued in the community is maintained.

We have excursions for all, whether traveling on a budget or traveling with kids (or both!). Let us take you on your most memorable adventure yet!

Past Successful Events

Elk Lake has hosted many events which we are very proud of.  A number of our Community Events include:

2 Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life's Raising over 180,000 towards the fight against cancer.

TSN - The town was successful in winning a chance to host TSN in our small town along with 25,000.